Garrett ® G Series Turbochargers


Introducing performance out of a package you never thought possible. This clean sheet product is tailored to meet the demands of hard core racing enthusiasts while providing industry leading power capability in a small package.


The most powerful small frame turbocharger on the market

The G-Series G25-550 and the G25-660 turbochargers are compatible with 1.4L - 3.0L engine displacements and capable of producing up to 550 and 660 horsepower. G Series 25  turbochargers are smaller and outflow all comparable products on the market.

New compressor and turbine aero combined with high temperature resistant materials allowed engineers to push the limits of performance. 

A new name designates a new generation of industry leading technology and innovation. 

Understanding the Name:
G designates 81 years of Garrett
® heritage.
25 classifies the size of the frame.
The remaining 3 digits identify the max horsepower rating of the turbocharger. (ie 550) 


Compressor Aero

Forged fully-machined compressor wheel and new aerodynamics increase maximum horsepower output and boost response. The CFD (computational fluid dynamics) engineered compressor wheel increases air flow up to 15% for 60mm and 30% for 67mm with 79-80% efficiency. (Compared to GTX GenII)

Wide compressor maps indicate a larger operating range to support a variety of vehicle setups.

Available in standard rotation and reverse rotation options for enthusiasts that want the perfect twin turbo installation or a single reverse rotation turbo for applications with installation restrictions.

The compressor housing features a fully machined ported shroud to help reduce compressor surge.

A fully machined speed sensor port provides enthusiasts the option to add the new G Series speed sensor to measure turbocharger shaft speed, a key factor in determining ideal operating conditions.

The new speed sensor is easy to install and does not need to be adjusted for length like previous sensors. Simply remove and plug, then insert the speed sensor and tighten the bolt. The new speed sensor is sold separately and is not compatible with GT and GTX sensors due to the new design and sizing.

The addition of an o-ring between the compressor housing and backplate reduces the possibility of boost pressure leakage.


Center Housing

A new one-piece center housing and backplate increase durability and product safety by reducing the number of failure points associated with the turbocharger.  The center housing to turbine housing v-band connection allows for 360 degree orientation when installing with Garrett® non-wastegated turbine housings.

Water Jackets

Four large water jacket ports increase cooling capacity and allow enthusiasts to customize water line routing to help improve the installation process.  The turbocharger comes with two -6AN water fittings and two plugs. *Recommended to install waterlines on opposite sides of the housing.



Oil Passage

A single stage oil passage directs pressurized oil to the new oil cavity ensuring proper bearing lubrication at both sides of the cartridge.

Each turbocharger includes (1) -4AN oil restrictor fitting with a 1mm orifice to provide the turbo with the recommended 40psi of oil pressure.

Rotating Group- twin piston rings

 A shorter bearing cartridge allows us to incorporate twin piston rings on both sides of the shaft wheel assembly. This will reduce the likeliness of oil leakage at the seals from the center housing to the compressor and or turbine stage.



Turbine Wheel Aero

The turbine wheel features all new aerodynamics to improve flow and boost response. The new turbine wheel is made of Mar-M super alloy and is capable of handling exhaust gas temperatures up to 1050 degrees C.
 The new turbine wheel flows 15-20% more than GTX and has peak efficiency of 74%.


Turbine Housings

All G Series Turbine housings are made from stainless steel to provide ultimate durability and temperature resistance up 1050 degrees C.

Internally wastegated housings are compact, efficient, and designed with maximum bypass port size to reduce boost creep and provide better boost control .

Turbine housings are available in a variety of wastegated and non-wastegated, open volute, T25 and Vband configurations so be sure to order the correct part for your application.

Wherever you are in the world, you can find a Garrett
turbocharger nearby!


We all can copy expertness, endurance, diligence and professionalism of the Zengő Motorsport Team.

We are proud to be the sponsor of one of the most excellent WTCC teams of the world also in 2015.

If you are a customer of Magyar Turbo Ltd, you can rightly feel that you take part in the successes of Zengő Motorsport.


The things that help Norbi in achieving a good place: the Zengő Team, the knowledge of Norbi Mihelisz, the Garrett turbocharger and the unrivalled fans.




Garrett Original Reman Turbocharger

 The Perfect fit for vehicles 7 years+

Honeywell introduces 'Garrett Original Reman' — a new range of aftermarket turbos expertly remanufactured to OE specification.


Original remanufactured turbocharger promises the following:

All turbochargers remanufactured by Garrett are:

  • Controlled as per the same standards as the original, new parts, in accordance with the original requirements for manufacturing and dimensional tolerance

  • Prior to assembly, they are rebalanced and calibrated as per the same standards as the new parts

  • Each reman turbocharger is adjusted and checked individually on flow bench just as the new turbochargers

  • New bearing system, new geometric system, new compressor wheel, shaft etc. are installed in the turbochargers in each case

  • Reman turbochargers are equipped with all such new component which was modified as compared to the original designing and manufacturing


“The Garrett® brand is synonymous with quality, performance and reliability… now we are bringing the same values to the global aftermarket with our remanufactured turbo range,” says Olivier Rabiller, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell Transportation Systems Aftermarket.

“When replacing turbos, especially those from the technologically sophisticated Garrett VNT™ range, there’s no need to risk poor performance or engine damage that may result from using non original poorly assembled parts. With ‘Garrett Original Reman’ we provide another choice for the best possible support of a mature product line-up.”

The complexity of Garrett VNT™ turbo architecture is underlined by component tolerances that can be just 4 microns - the same as a particle of dust and 17 times smaller than a human hair - with rotational speeds reaching up to 250,000 rpm.

As the original turbo designer, Honeywell is leveraging its unique technical knowledge and production know-how to deliver Garrett units matching the engine management system requirements and emissions standards through its original assembly, calibration and balancing processes.

Adds Oliver Rabiller: “With a Garrett remanufactured turbo, everything is included - technical expertise and support, same warranty as a new Garrett turbocharger... and the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a world-leader in turbo technology.”



AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING COUNTRIES: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany,  Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Ukranie, United Kingdom


























Five questions for Clement De Valon

As Honeywell launches its “Garrett Original Reman” turbo range, Clement de Valon, Global Aftermarket Director at Honeywell Turbo Technologies outlines what is behind this aftermarket push.

Why is Honeywell launching “Garrett Original Reman” turbos?

There is rapid growth in Europe in the car population aged 7 years or older – the install base of this car category is growing 17% year over year. We see opportunities for our aftermarket distributors and their customer to tap into this market through the “Garrett Original Reman” turbo range. Older cars also have lower residual value, and we want to give owners of these vehicles an opportunity to install a remanufactured OE turbo that delivers on both quality and affordability.

How are “Garrett Original Reman” turbos different from other remanufactured turbos?

The “Garrett Original Reman” range is the only one in the market offering quality-assured OE inspection, testing, assembly and manufacturing processes. Every turbo is balanced and calibrated to the same specifications as original new parts, fitted with some new original replacement components and individually set up on a turbine flow bench in exactly the same way as a new turbo. With the backing of the Garrett® brand, our “Garrett Original Reman” turbos come with the same warranty as a new turbo.


For consumers, when should they choose genuine Garrett turbos and when “Garrett Original Reman” turbos make more sense?

The “Garrett Original Reman” range is focused on cars aged 7 years or older where the cost of replacement versus vehicle value is a key driver. Our remanufactured turbos are designed to match the profile of this market segment.


Where can I get “Garrett Original Reman” turbos and for which vehicle applications?

“Garrett Original Reman” turbos will be available via our distributor network across Europe and will initially offer 36 part numbers covering more than 100 vehicle models - though we expect the range to grow to around 65 part numbers in 2014.


What is Honeywell doing to make its “Garrett Original Reman” line a success in the market place?

We’ve invested in a dedicated production facility in the UK to deliver the OE quality-assured “Garrett Original Reman” range and we’ve put in place robust processes to ensure continuity of supply. This is the first time that an OE turbo manufacturer launches a Reman activity on such a large scale for the European market and we are running a major marketing campaign to help our aftermarket distributors and their customers benefit from this exciting opportunity.




Cheer with us for the Zengő Motorsport!

Zengő Motorsport was established by Zoltán Zengő in the middle of the 1990s and it became one of the leading motoring companies of Hungary by the beginning of the 2000s. First the Zengő Motorsport supported racing driver career of Zoltán Zengő in the MNASZ Car Racing Championship and as a result Zengő won absolute championship with his legendary Mercedes DTM Evo in 1998. Following the initial years, the team extended its range of activities and became determinant participant of the Hungarian motoring.


Fair play, preparedness, endurance and professionalism feature Zengő Motorsport and these qualities are important for us, too. We are proud to cooperate with this excellent team and continue to cheer for them.






 10-12 November 2011 – The most important professional exhibition of the year will be organised again in Pavilion B of the Hungexpo Budapest Fair Centre. The International Automotive Industry Exhibition will collect again the present and future participants of background industry on the same place and date. Title of the exhibition is “Automotive Engineering Today and Tomorrow” so it addresses not only professional visitors (almost obligatorily) but it will provide information for individuals interested in engineering, too. Magyar Turbo Ltd will appear with these world famous products in the exhibition as the Hungarian distributor of GARRETT turbochargers and Turbosmart products. We hope the newest sensation of popular Garrett turbochargers, GTX-R turbocharger will arrive at the exhibition and we can show this masterpiece. On 12th November, Saturday the excellent racing driver, Tamás Pál Kis will be our guest at our stand; he fulfilled the GP3 series this year with great success. We are waiting our visitors for a friendly conversation or business negotiation; also motorsport fans, or persons just interested in engineering.


“Dad, it starts!” Starts! Starts!

The Talmácsi Motorsport and the SPORTime Magazine will organise the exhibition titled Auto+Motor+Sport EXPO II between 11-13 March 2011 in Pavilion G of the traditional fair city Hungexpo in Kőbánya, on an area of almost 10,000 m2.


This is the first and greatest auto-motor show event of the year which offers a proper opportunity to drive away the dull winter days, achieve goals of year 2011 and live a substantial and cheerful life. If you visit the stand of Bánkuti Motorsport, you will receive all information since here you will find Magyar Turbo Ltd, the Hungarian representative of Garrett turbochargers and Turbosmart products, Koni, distributor of shock absorber specialist Kárászy, Tibor Laczkó showing here the Rototest performance meter bench mountable on the wheel hub and suitable for both tuning and competition settings, and even more exhibitors. All these items help us achieve our goals and the stand offers excellent opportunity for lovers of engineering to extend their knowledge. Candor Ltd offering ships for rent in Croatia at an affordable price will help understand the second half of the program in a substantial and cheerful way, Horváthy Wine House also exhibiting its products here will ensure joyfulness throughout the year, etc. Friendly advice: get acquainted with the exhibitors of Bánkuti Motorsport because you can win worthy gifts during the interesting quiz games. Well, we will have a great week-end for which we wait our guests with love.



Always insist on the original Garrett turbocharger brand. This is a decision which will make benefit both for you and your car.

Chine - Honeywell has won a landmark legal victory in China against a company producing counterfeit ‘Garrett’ turbochargers.

The criminal conviction of the Assistant President of a company in Fengcheng (China) sends a strong signal to other would-be counterfeiters of Honeywell’s determination to protect its intellectual property.

The decision by The People’s Court of the Fengcheng City, Liaoning Province, resulted from a year-long legal battle and represents a significant break-through against such criminal activity. The court handed down a one year jail sentence and imposed a serious fine. No appeal was filed, so the judgment became effective immediately.

In addition to the criminal penalty, that company also reportedly lost government subsidies worth up to RMB3.5 million (around US$515,000) and the production lines and machines were fully destroyed.

“Honeywell is pleased with this outcome, but remains vigilant in monitoring the situation and will not hesitate to take strong action against any company contravening its intellectual property rights,” says Ed Goodwin Director of Global Service Turbo Technologies. (


Unfortunately, distributors bringing Chinese counterfeits in our country appeared also in Hungary. They offer these turbochargers as products manufactured in the EU (?). The remanufacturing industry is also glutted with cheap parts, what’s more with parts not supplied by the factory because their repair is not recommended and in majority of cases is not possible professionally, either; not to mention that there is no factory data available, for example for the VNT turbochargers.       


The results are catastrophic.

In spite of all these facts, there is a demand for such remanufacture as well, partially because of the economic situation, partially in the hope of profit as high as possible. We are not surprised at it since a lot of parts ordered from the USA turn out to be a cheap Chinese product from the category “junk”.


However, it is astonishing that some official brand dealers offer VNT turbochargers remanufactured abroad as factory remanufactured turbochargers in their brand repair shops and ask the replacement turbocharger. Garrett does not remanufacture used VNT turbochargers! It greatly impairs the prestige of the car brand, the turbocharger, the repairing industry and their brand repair shops. It is not by chance that reputation of Hungarian brand repair shops is not very good, except for those worthy of respect.

Therefore the clients trust more and more in smaller services, especially after expiry of the guarantee period. We hope that the very expected economic recovery will break the impetus of such efforts and the customers will become users of original parts which are cheaper in the long run.


Magyar Turbo Ltd has arrived at a new milestone: we managed to purchase one of the most modern and versatile dynamometers through a tender.

It was manufactured by the American company Land & Sea which has been manufacturing and developing engine and chassis dynamometers for 40 years. The company is one of the most dynamically growing manufacturing and developing enterprises in this field.

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